Horatio, going from midshipman upwards, courageous, loyal, and afraid of heights.  Pellew, mentor to Horatio, be he captain or admiral. Definite father figure here.
Horatio Hornblower played by Ioan Gruffudd Sir Edward Pellew played by Robert Lindsay
Archie Kennedy, Horatio's first friend, sometimes lost, sometimes found, only to be lost again to the new character of Lt. Bush Lieutenant Bush, takes four films before he gets here, but stays for the rest of the ride. Horatio's closest friend and ally through many naval ranks. 
Archie Kennedy played by Jamie Bamber William Bush played by Paul McGann
Matthews, one of Horatio's men, steadfast, loyal, fatherly Styles, reliable but still a bit of a loose cannon, loyal to Horatio and a good chicken
Matthews played by Paul Copley Styles played by Sean Gilder


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"Hornblower" is based on the characters created by C.S. Forrester in his books. The series of movies stars Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower, Robert Lindsay as Sir Edward Pellew, Paul McGann as Lt. Bush, Jamie Bamber as Archie Kennedy, Paul Copley as Matthews, Sean Gilder as Styles, and a host of others.