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In a room filled with large blocks of ice, Rebecca Fogg is practicing her sword fighting techniques with

a smiling sparring partner named Rodney who is dressed like a Samurai when ...

Cousin Phileas arrives and adds his gun into the sparring mixture

which surprises Rebecca and leads to an

expository conversation explaining that Rebecca is still a member of the British Secret Service and that Phileas is retired from said organization

They are interrupted by the butler, never seen again in this series,
 who announces that Phileas' father Sir Boniface Fogg is dead,
leading to the viewer's speculation that the messenger was killed

Meanwhile in Paris at the Sorbonne, a law professor is lecturing

while keeping an eye on the doodlings of one of his young students ... Monsieur 

Jules Verne

who is also being watched by an attractive female student

Jules daydreams and

imagines a strange machine that he just drew on a paper tunneling through the classroom wall

Back in London at Sir Boniface's funeral, Rebecca has a few words
with Queen Victoria

while Phileas has a few words with the Prime Minister
and looks handsome

while being watched by two characters, one of whom is clearly
Passepartout as seen in the opening credits

Later, Rebecca reports to work for her new boss, Sir Jonathan Chatsworth

Sorry about Sir Boniface, but I need you to go on a trivial mission to Paris to recapture an encryption device that is equally trivial, and the one connection we know about is that the thief is a friend of a certain law professor at the Sorbonne

Ya, sure, you betcha

In Paris, the law prof and his inventor friend visit

the dismembered Count Gregory

I stole the trivial encryption device which will help us steal people's thoughts and rule the world

The trivial encryption device

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