Gallery 2

Back in London at Phileas Fogg's house

Phileas is playing poker with

the unidentified observer at the funeral, now identified as The Baron

with Passepartout, the Baron's manservant, in the gallery

Back in Paris, an old friend of Jules is waiting in Jules'

Hi, Arago, I'm still writing plays, daydreaming, and inventing terrible machines on paper that come to life in my daydreams

Cool, Jules

At the Sorbonne, Rebecca arrives at the law prof's office with papers
that say she is his new assistant

Rebecca demonstrates her sincere look

and her perky look

much to the dislike of the prof's other assistant, the blond who was
eying Jules earlier

who shortly thereafter corners Jules at the library and snatches a drawing

Later at a café, Jules is teased by his friends about his wild visions
of the future

Jules looks dreamy

while thinking of electric engines

but is pulled away by Arago before he gets much into voyages to the moon talk

Observing is Rebecca, who had heard Jules name
mentioned by the law prof as someone in whom he was interested

Back at the garret, Arago gives Jules a lecture on keeping his mouth shut

Back at the card game, Passepartout is overcome with excitement

while Phileas daydreams of a dangerous mission in Prussia where his brother Erasmus was shot

and drinks

We've got him where we want him, Passepartout

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