Gallery 3

I think you don't really need my help, but maybe your mysterious English friend does

No, don't say that! Why don't you go to the library? Nice place, the library.

First Rebecca goes to Jules apartment to look around

while Arago secretly watches her

Under the sinister Paris sky

the weird inventor is trying out his brain machine

on a poor extra

Ms. Fogg knows I'm here? Then I'll have to send someone to take care of her.

So as Rebecca works in the library 

in comes an assassin

but is foiled by the chandelier-swinging bookcase-tipping cat-suited Rebecca

For the first time in the series, Jules walks down a dark alley, only to
be waylaid by the wicked blonde and captured by the bad guys

Meanwhile Rebecca goes to have a few

crunches in sensitive regions with the law prof

and an attractive close-up of her eyes

before she forces him to take her to his leader, who promptly kidnaps them both

The card game continues

as does Phileas' flashbacks

of brother Erasmus falling off a cliff to his death

and of his confrontation with Sir Boniface

Phileas decides to lose it all

Born to be angsty

Born to be enigmatic

They each decide to bet their houses

with Passepartout thrown in as part of the Baron's house

Oooo, Angsty Phileas

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