Gallery 4

Meanwhile, Jules is having a brain pinchy

duly recorded by the Encryptor thingy

and supervised by Count Gregory himselves

when Arago, who just happened to be walking down the street next to where Jules was being held drops in and says ...

Bad Count!

Don't tell the bad man anything, Jules, while

Rebecca saws away at her ropes

and dives through the control room window

and rips out the Encryptor thingy

Meanwhile at the game, Phileas is about to lose

Nope, I lose - you get the Aurora and Passepartout


Phileas is whimsically philosophical in his smile

Passepartout is whimsically pleased as he realizes the Baron threw the game

And so as the Aurora lifts off into the night

the Baron nods farewell and then joins

Queen Vicky and the PM who planned the whole shebang to ensure that they could call upon Phileas whenever they needed him

As another mysterious airship flies over Paris

Rebecca emerges from unconsciousness and an empty warehouse,
thinking on the trivial work she just accomplished for Chatsworth

Back at Jules' garret, that looks a lot better in the daylight

What happened?

I can't tell you now, but I'll be back in the final episode of the season to be more enigmatic
On board the airship Aurora,

Good dirigible, thinks Phileas

Bad waistcoat, thinks Passepartout

Pretty dirigible, thinks Aurora

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