Gallery 1

This is the last show of the season

We get to party

We get to menace Jules

And Jules spends most of the episode in bed

I'm not in Kansas, thinks Jules

Hello, Scarecrow!

Hello, Tin Woodsman and Glinda!

Hello, Toto!

Jules enters colorful Clipland
Play Guess that Clip - Answers Below

Tunnels     1*

Time travel      2*

Starving Artists      3*

Wittle Wocket Ships    4*

Cookin' with Steel      5*

One Plus One      6*

Joinin' the League      7*

Wittler Wockets      8*

Bad Tinman      9*

No Ruby Slippers this time, Jules

Use the Book, Jules

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Guess That Clip:

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2.  Cardinal's Design   back
3.  The Golem   back
4.  Rocket to the Moon   back
5.  Ballad of Steeley Joe   back
6.  In the Beginning   back
7.  Lord of Air and Darkness   back
8.  Rockets of the Dead   back
9.  Southern Comfort   back