Gallery 3

If my face is green, I am bad Arago in Clipland

Face not green but still bad      21*

Face normal but bad      22*

Jules getting shook up      23*

Jules getting neck pinchy      24*

I am bad no matter what my tint

I go with Jules to Clipland, too

I'll take you both there

I still think Toto needs to be blown up

The real Clipland

The real shot

Once upon a time

there was the season ending show

with a nice pencil/rocket      25*

a mole      26*

a Phoenix      27*

and a brain pinchy      28*

We're green and we're bad

Jules must watch color coding

Jules must watch the clips

When will you let me out?

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Guess That Clip

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22.  Southern Comfort   back
23.  Queen Victoria and the Giant Mole   back
24.  Rockets' Red Glare   back
25.  Rockets' Red Glare   back
26.  Queen Victoria and the Giant Mole   back
27.  Let There Be Light   back
28.  In the Beginning   back