Gallery 4

League of Darkness Tickles

Passepartout in Clipland

Green light ... you get the gist

Nice CG

We need to rescue this episode from the clips

Checking the Script

Only one more clip segment and lots of guns - sounds like fun

Good Arago - not green

Sleepy Jules

Foggs' favorite key - dynamite

They have vanquished the clips

Only one more bad guy to blow up

One more Oz moment

You had the power to get home all along, Jules

Take one lithium and say

"There's no place like the Aurora"

You were all there with me, says Jules

But it wasn't a book, it was Clipland

Obi-wan Arago looks on

OK, two screen captures of this 
because it's a good shot and

when it's shown in the title sequence.
it's goes by too fast for a screen capture!

Very Pretty Aurora, Come Back Soon!

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