Guest Stars: Sonia Vigneault, Rick Overton as Count Gregory
Screenplay by Gavin Scott
Edited by Chirstopher Wentzell, Yvann Thibaudeau
Directed by Gabriel Pelletier

Location of Aurora:  Paris, then flying over France

Jules is attending  the Emperor's ball in Paris with Phileas and Rebecca. He is attracted to Countess D'Anjou whom he meets at the ball. When asked how he is enjoying the ball, Jules tells the Foggs and their companions that he is appalled at the excesses he sees at the event and insults Phileas, Rebecca, and their companions as attendees. He leaves to meet friends at a cafe, where he is introduced to a country priest who is in Paris to solve a mystery. The priest has found a piece of statuary that bears an enigmatic inscription that might be a clue to a bigger treasure. When they accompany the priest to an art dealer who might know something about the sculptor, the priest is attacked and murdered, and all that is left is the bottom half of the statue, which Jules rescues.

The next morning, Jules tries to convince the Foggs to investigate the village from which the priest came in order to find out why the priest was murdered and who did it. Rebecca and Phileas are "quite cross" with Jules due to his behavior of the night before. Rebecca says that she can't go because she has a job to do, and Phileas says he can't go because he is suppose to play bridge with the attractive marquise he met at the ball. Neither are interested in helping out Jules, who leaves them in a huff.

Jules goes off to investigate on his own. He learns from the art dealer that there is a connection between a painting of the sculptor's and a legend that it leads to hidden treasure left by Alaric the Visigoth, who had sacked Rome centuries before. Jules takes a train to the priest's home town, where the ruins of Alaric's castle are to be found. He finds a tomb, with a missing corner piece that matches the broken statue he has. When in place, the tomb slides open and reveals  a secret passageway that eventually leads him to a gigantic underground structure. Inside is a giant airship, and on the airship is the Countess D'Anjou who explains that Jules has been give a series of puzzles to solve to lead him here. She says that they are a group of individuals who will attempt to right the wrongs of the world. She asks him to join them on their quest and he agrees.

Jules and the countess take off in the Prometheus, headed for America where they intend to stop the Civil War. Before they get very far, the Aurora draws near to the other airship. Phileas and Rebecca transfer over to the Prometheus to talk to Jules, while a crewman from the Prometheus transfers to the Aurora.  Jules talks to them in his quarters. The Foggs are skeptical of the set-up. Rebecca asks Jules to show her around, while Phileas investigates on his own. Rebecca discovers crates of rifles and slave manacles. Phileas makes an even more frightening discovery when he finds the automated body of Count Gregory, the infamous leader of the League of Darkness,  in charge of the ship. The Countess pulls a gun on Rebecca and Jules to stop them from throwing the manacles overboard and a fight ensues, with Jules slightly shot and Rebecca dangling from the open hold in the ship. Meanwhile, Count Gregory orders Phileas thrown overboard, but Phileas fights off his attackers and manages to climb up a rope to the Aurora, where Passepartout is subduing the guest crewman. In a tricky maneuver, Jules and Rebecca fall through the hatch and land on top of the Aurora, which has conveniently appeared under the Prometheus.

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