Gallery 4

Rebecca discovers

Rebecca looks


Pretty Aurora over nice castle

Lets see, I need to steer the Aurora, build a wave damper, rescue Verne

I'll never do it if they see me like this

Don't look at the man behind the curtain

Look, it's a twister

Looks like Rebecca is getting all the action

Looks like Passepartout is getting all the work


You fight like a girl

Getting a perspective

About to be


You can send yourself home

Wary Phileas circling

Cornered witch wacking

There's no place like

Just click your heels together

Home, but wobbly

The Queen and Toto

I got a heart, so now I can get angsty

I got a brain, so now I can tell Phileas what to do

I got a friend. And some courage

Rest, Dorothy

Escape, Aurora

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