Climactic tableau

Guess you were right, Phileas

You need to work on your timing, Rebecca

I'm getting some vibes here

It's coming from the rocket engines, Mr. Verne


I'm a pencil! I'm a rocket! Wait, I'm both!

I'm a dirigible


Neck pinchy! At last!

Neck pinchy! Me too!

Fusion power ... again


Help me!

A little push more, maybe

So if he breaks up, what then?

Rebecca, gliding over one of the picturesque streams in the Canadian wilderness

We are just so anxious over Rebecca's fate.
Don't we just look so very anxious?

They'll be anxious enough when I get on board
with my trusty sharp pole


And I helped push the count

Don't get cocky kid. Good against remotes is one thing; good against the living is something else.

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