Guest Stars:  Geordie Johnson, Richard Fitzpatrick
Screenplay by Peter Sands
Edited by Yvann Thibaudeau, Christopher Wentzell
Directed by Tom Clegg

Location of Aurora:  In Montravia

Prologue: In the country of Montravia, the King is on his way to a rendezvous with a lovely young woman when he is ambushed by the Serbian army. He escapes into the forest. 

Phileas, Rebecca, Jules, and Passepartout are on their way to Constantinople where Rebecca is being sent on an undercover assignment. They are flying over Montravia when they are shot at by the Serbian army and crash.  Before they can recover from the incident, a Montravian official enters the Aurora and demands the appropriate papers and threatens them with arrest. Suddenly he spots Passepartout and excuses himself quickly, saying that they may do anything they want. 

Pasepartout goes into the nearby town for supplies and is greeted with surprising generosity. The same official who had come into the Aurora receives a note from Marshal Krasnov in the capital city. It demands that if anyone sees the King, they should send the King back to the capital with all haste, unseen by human eye. The official spots Passepartout. With a little help from an attractive young lady, the valet is lured into a secluded alley and caught. Shortly thereafter, a large wooden trunk holding Passepartout is racing its way to the capital.

Phileas, Rebecca, and Jules go in search of the missing Passepartout. They are greeted again by the official who accosted them on the Aurora. He still demands  papers and charges them with being spies. When he tries to arrest them, they run away, but not before Rebecca pulls a poster from wall. Back on the Aurora, Rebecca says that they must get to the capital city with haste, because she believes Passepartout may be in danger. She shows Phileas the poster she had taken down, showing the image of King Carl who looks surprisingly like Passepartout.

At the capital, Marshal Krasnov releases Passepartout from the box. He thinks at first the valet is King Carl until Passepartout speaks and knows that the valet is a look-a-like for the King. Krasnov announces that Passepartout must play the role of Carl until the treaty with Hungary is signed, but Passepartout declines. Krasnov explains that the real Carl V disappeared in the forest, that if he doesn't return Lord Tyrol will claim the throne and put the country under the Serbian jackboot. He threatens Passepartout with death if he doesn't play the role. A short while later, Passepartout is dressed in the King's clothes and has shaved off his beard.  The resemblance is perfect except for Passepartout's mannerisms, which Krasnov begins coaching him on. Since the voice is a giveaway, they decide to pretend that the King has strained his vocal chords and can't speak at the moment. They are interrupted by the beautiful Lady Mariana, the King's fiancée. Passepartout is immediately taken with the lovely Mariana. Mariana is pleasantly surprised by the King's interest in her since he has been indifferent to her until now. 

Passepartout, as the King, is having his first formal audience with various officials when the proceedings are interrupted by Phileas, Rebecca and Jules. Although Phileas starts to proclaim that the king is in fact his valet, Rebecca picks up a signal from Passepartout and whispers to Phileas that they should not reveal the King as an imposter. Improvising to explain their noisy entrance, Rebecca says that she is from the Pensfield-Chelsea agency in London and that Phileas Fogg is the new English valet for the king.

At another nearby castle, Lord Tyrol is busy terrorizing the local clergy who have dared to teach the peasant children to read and right. After tossing one down a cliff, he receives news that King Carl is back and that the King seems to be strangely changed.

Back at the capital, Krasnov thanks Fogg for his complicity in the deception. Phileas cautions that the people won't believe that his valet is the King, but Rebecca points out that they already believe it. Krasnov says that they must continue with the charade. If they were to back out now, they will all be killed for traitors after the inevitable claiming of the crown by Tyrol and the subsequent Serbian invasion. The conspirators decide that Rebecca should take the Aurora to search the forests for the real King, while Phileas begins his valet duties.

While King Passepartout is taking an interest in castle life, Lady Marians tries to make sense of these changes. She questions Jules about the attention that this agency who supplied the new valet has given the situation. Jules improvises that Rebecca is there because she is a wedding planning specialist too, and that the agency is wondering if they might plan the reception for the royal wedding and asks about the royal match. Mariana explains that she was promised to Carl from the cradle. She says that she longs for a husband she can look up to, who will take his responsibility seriously, but doubts Carl can do this.  As she moves away,  Krasnov observes that the real King believes that he is not up to the job of ruling the country. He explains that Lord Tyrol always beat his cousin the King at all things. Lord Tyrol would make a good king, he adds, if he weren't a complete psychopath. As the King and Mariana enjoy a picnic, Phileas waits on them. Suddenly an arrow drops from the sky and barely misses Passepartout.. Mariana asks about the possibility of Carl abdicating in favor of Lord Tyrol, who would be a stronger leader for their country.

Back on the Aurora, Rebecca has the real king handcuffed to the spiral stairs in the dirigible. Carl is not interested in going back.  She says he must play the part of King with more conviction. He says that the rulers of his country are suppose to be hunting and fishing daredevils, and that he can't even fence. Rebecca decides to teach him. As the flight progresses, the King is getting better and better at this new skill. 

While Jules baits Phileas about tending to bath water and temperature,  he realizes that the falcon is somehow involved with the arrow that almost hit Carl.  Later, Jules decides to follow the falconer up a dark staircase in the castle when he hears a woman scream. He turns and the falconer hits him over the head.  Jules wakes up in Lord Tyrol's dungeon, back to back with Lady Mariana who says she is there as a hostage to prevent the King form signing the treaty. She says that Carl is so changed, and Jules says that he is indeed changed because he isn't Carl. He explains that he is Passepartout, Phileas Fogg's valet.  Jules warns her not to breath a word of this tale, but it is too late as Lord Tyrol has heard everything. He thanks Mariana for her help in getting the information from Jules.  Jules says that Tyrol will hand over the country to Serbia, which does not please Mariana. Mariana and Tyrol leave Jules in the dungeon and prepare to ride to the capital to confront the imposter King.

Back at the capital, Krasnov announces that he's heard that Jules has been put in Tyrol's dungeons. Phileas says that they have little time, then, to affect the treaty before the charade is exposed.

On board the Aurora, the real King Carl has decided to return to his castle, so Rebecca steers the Aurora towards the capital.

At Lord Tyrol's castle, Jules manages to escape.

Phileas is dressing Passepartout as the King and says he is proud to call him Your Majesty because today Passepartout is the master, and a very brave man. They shake hands. 

The Hungarians arrive, followed shortly by Lord Tyrol and Mariana. Tyrol says the King is an imposter. When the guards don't arrest the King at Tyrol's command, he demands that Mariana denounce the King as an imposter, but she claims that the King looks like King Carl. When Tyrol pulls a gun to threaten Mariana, Passepartout comes to her aid. Tyrol shoots Passepartout in the chest. While Phileas goes to the unconscious valet, the real King Carl enters the hall and challenges Tyrol to a fencing duel.  Wirth a quick nod to Rebecca in acknowledgment of  her help, the real Carl pulls a sword and attacks. Meanwhile, Passepartout revives. He was wearing a piece of metal armor under his coat that prevented the shot from harming him. Tyrol is getting the upper hand when Passepartout picks up the sword and attacks. Rebecca gives the real king another sword and now Tyrol faces two identical opponents. After more fencing, the look-a-likes manage to push Tyrol back into a corner near the door. Jules suddenly bursts through the same door, slamming it back against the wall and Lord Tyrol, and asks if he's missed everything. As the door closes again, Tyrol falls on his face.  Mariana compliments the King, who says his change in behavior is because Rebecca saved his soul.  The King compliments Passepartout and says it is hard to believe that he is a valet in real life. Phileas says Passepartout is one of the very best valets.

Back on the Aurora,  Phileas says that he has decided henceforth that his watchword will be tolerance, although he is hard pressed to keep the promise

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