Alias - a little spy mystery layered on top of a lot of character development, as these video clips show.
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  ABC Interferes!
Wonder how ABC might interfere in Alias? See this bit from the ABC 50th anniversary special, in 2003.

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SD-6 Reveal
Poor Sydney gets a real shock when the father she barely knows reveals she really works for him and his fellow baddies. 1.01

CIA Reveal
Oops, but just as Sydney is now ready to hate Jack, he's got another reveal that has them working together.1.01
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All right, he's talking again, but not a lot. Just enough to say he's a good guy.
Keeping It Impersonal
Sometimes Vaughn gets warnings about being too friendly with his CIA asset Sydney. 1.21
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Hi Mom
Just when things might be smoothing out, who should show up but her mom Irina. 2.01
Help and Questions
And just to complicate matters, Irina turns herself in to the CIA, where she agrees to help them if Syd is her liaison. 2.03
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Illusion and Threat
Jack's not a happy camper with his ex-wife suddenly interacting with Sydney. 2.03
Project Christmas
Syd's not happy camper when she finds out Jack trained her as a sleeper spy at age 6. 2.05
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Father Knows Best
Jack tries to explain those educational experiments, but Syd's not buyin' it. 2.06
Worst Mistake
Syd's got things figured out - her dad must hate her. 2.06
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Dad Love
So Jack reveals all, in the middle of a Senate investigation. 2.06
Bicker, Bicker
Well, eventually things move on and the whole Family Bristow gets to go on a trip together, with expected disputes. 2.08
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Mom Apologies
Irina gets to talk with Sydney and does some mother-daughter bonding. 2.10
Irina also reforges some old bonds with her ex-husband as she and Jack brainstorm together. 2.12
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Sydney takes some time to forge some new bonds with Vaughn. 2.13
Thanks for Sydney
Irina and Jack have a heart-to-heart. 2.17
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Irina and Jack have a little something more. 2.17
The Agreement
Sloane and Irina have a heart-to-heart about not saying he thinks of Sydney as his daughter. 2.18
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  Mom Love
Before taking a flying leap out of the scripts, Irina takes a moment to give Sydney some advice. 2.22
Then comes the two-year mystery, with Sydney missing for two year and returning to find her father in jail. 3.01
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  Movin' On
A little non-reunion with Vaughn who has moved on and gotten married in two years. 3.02
Jack and Sloane have a discussion of motivation and Sydney. 3.02
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  Don't Mess with Jack
Jack continues to show parental concern for his daughter's reputation. 3.05
A major reveal for Sydney about what happened to her in the last two years comes from an unlikely source. 3.11
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  Before We Die
And the possibility of a reunion gets a little nearer, thanks to a North Korean firing squad. 3.12
Some homecomings and hugs in the mid-season three. 3.12
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  Family Ties
And another family member comes visiting the Bristows. 3.12

Jack has a special toast for Sloane as Sloane awaits his execution. 3.19

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