Captain of Serenity. Fought with the Independents against the Alliance during the war. Nathan Fillion said it best - "His inner child has been beaten." Slightly snarky, his goal is to keep the crew together and keep flying.
  Registered companion. Think Geisha meets Courtesan. The "respectable" member of the crew, she gives the ship an air of legality it was otherwise lacking, occasionally serving as a pseudo-ambassador for Serenity.
played by Nathan Fillion
  Mal Reynolds Inara played by Morena Baccarin
Serenity's pilot and loquacious husband of Zoe. What his wife might not say he will utter in great detail and with a great sense of humor.
  She fought beside Mal in the war, and now fights beside him on Serenity. Married to Wash, the pilot. The strong, slightly silent type. She could kill you with her pinky.
played by Alan Tudyk
  Wash Zoe played by Gina Torres
Serenity's engineer. A natural born mechanic and cute as a tick. And pretty sharp with the comebacks, too.
  Serenity's doctor, and on the run from the Alliance after he liberated his sister River from an Alliance experiment. A bit prim and proper, but Kaylee's working on that.
played by Jewel Staite
  Kaylee Simon played by Sean Maher
Mercenary. Large mercenary. Large, sort of dense, mercenary.  Might not be trustworthy but tends to be hilarious.
  Preacher. Seems to have a wide range of both secular and non-secular knowledge of the ways of this area of the galaxy. Also seems to have a big secret.
played by Adam Baldwin
  Jayne Shepherd Book played by Ron Glass
Sister of Simon. An off the charts genius but not altogether there after being experimented on by the Alliance. She can be either crazy, cogent or psychic - sometimes all three.
played by Summer Glau   River    
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"Firefly" stars Nathan Fillion as Mal Reynolds, Gina Torres as Zoe, Alan Tudyk as Wash, Morena Baccarin as Inara, Jewel Staite as Kaylee, Adam Baldwin as Jayne, Sean Maher as Simon, Summer Glau as River and Ron Glass as Shepherd Book. The show is the creation of Joss Whedon.