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Official Site(s):    
Serenity   The official site for the movie Serenity
Firefly Sites:    
FIREFLYFANS.NET   A treasure trove of Firefly information with news, reviews, fanfiction, a message board and a chat room.
Firefly: Press Archive   No longer updated but has a nice collection of Firefly articles from December 2001 to December 2002.
Firefly@scifispace.com   Includes news, photos, cast & character info, an episode guide, downloads, a chat room and a forum.
WavSite.com   A site with .wav files from Angel, Buffy and Firefly.
Orbiting Lights   Includes many official promo pictures, extras, cast info and episode info.
Firefly Online   Contains video files, audio files, pictures, episode info, a lingo database and a forum.
Firefly: Proximity Sensor   Includes trailers for each episode, as well as an .mp3 of the theme and the spoken intro.
The Serenity Chronicles   A fan fiction archive.
Firefly Resource Site   Has episode info, episode transcripts with Mandarin translations, quotes, cast info and basic show information.
Firefly Fans' LiveJournal   A LiveJournal group for Firefly.
Firefly   Firefly terminology, fan art, episode summaries and character information.
Firefly Incense and Oils   A site that sells incense, scented oils and jewelry inspired by Firefly.
Starpulse - Firefly   Starpulse entertainment search and directory
Firefly Fanart   Fanart inspired by Firefly
Actor Sites:    
Captain Tight Pants   A fan site for Nathan Fillion with a biography, filmography, images and basic show information.
Nathan Fillion Fact File   A fact file for Nathan Fillion.
Jewel-Staite.com   The official homepage of Jewel Staite (Kaylee).
Morena-Baccarin.com   The official homepage of Morena Baccarin (Inara).

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