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Once more on the Justinian, Horatio looks all thoughtful again

and goes to see the old captain, who had sent the order that Horatio and Archie and the other nice ones were all being transferred to a nice frigate, where they could get prize money

Horatio says no thank you, but is told he has to go by the old captain, who knows better about these things, although he never seemed to know much about what was going on on his own ship

The Indefatigable, aka the nice frigate

and her Captain Sir Edward Pellew

Horatio, Archie, and the rest meet their new captain

Horatio gets a private meeting with Pellew

who is not happy hearing about the duel, which he thinks is foolish and a waste and he tells Horatio not to do it again

Righteous Horatio meets his match

Righteous Horatio also meets the same old seamen he knew on
the Justinian

one of whom is injured, but won't tell why

which makes Righteous Horatio gets those serious thoughtful looks again

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