We use Yahoo Voice Chat at the SAJV Fans Yahoo Group site. There are three different programs you can use to access this room, so hopefully one will be right for you. THe chat room can be accessed with:
  • Yahoo! Groups Chat -  click here for directions.
  • Yahoo! Messenger - click here for directions.
  • CheetaChat - click here for directions.
Yahoo! Groups Chat:
This chat software is compatible with the Windows operating system. It does not work on Mac's. It does work with Internet Explorer 4.x  through 6 . It does work with Netscape 4.x , but does not work with Netscape 6. See 4 below for a special note for AOL users.

1.   If you would like to chat, the most important thing is to try the chat out in advance. Don't wait for the day of a chat you might want to attend and then find that you can't get the chat software to work.  Also, make sure your speakers are working and your microphone is working before the chat.

2.   You must first join the SAJV Fans Yahoo Group before being allowed into the chat room. You do this by going to the website, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sajvfans/ , and clicking on the link in the upper right corner of the screen that says 'Join'. Follow the directions and you are then a member.

3.    To load the chat software for the first time, click on “Chat” In the left hand column of the SAJV Fans site.. This will download and install the necessary software for Yahoo Voice Chat (this is necessary whether or not you use voice). If the software installs properly, then you should see the chat room window, with the white message area and the list of chatters. 

4. If you are not able to get to the chat room, then please check out

Yahoo Voice Chat Guide  for  detailed installation instructions, and
Yahoo Voice Chat Problem Solving Guide
for troubleshooting suggestions

Yahoo! Messenger 
Messenger is much easier to use, has a bigger chat window, and even has more smileys <g>:

1.     If you do not have Yahoo Messenger installed, please go to http://messenger.yahoo.com/ and follow their installation instructions. Messenger is available for a variety of operating systems, including PC and Mac

2.     Once Messenger is installed, open it and Login. You do this by double-clicking on the "Y" with the smiley face that appears next to the time on your computer's taskbar. Eventually you should see a window with menus labeled “Login, View, Tools. Help”

3.     Click on the Tools menu, Yahoo Chat, and Join User In Room. You will do this the first time you use Messenger to do the chats. Type in the Yahoo ID of someone you know to be in the chat room - when I am there, I'll post this at the message board of the SAJV Fans site, so you can use me "ephialv". This will take you to the chat room.

4.  Once you are in the room, go to the Files Menu, Favorites, Add Room to Favorites, and add this room to your favorite list. The next time you open Yahoo Messenger, login, and do the Tools menus, Yahoo Chat, Favoirtes, and choose the SAJV Fans chat room in the list (begins with *g.sajvfans) 

For some users who can’t get it to work, especially for most AOL users, try Cheeta Chat which you can download from http://www.cheetachat.com . Cheeta Chat works very well for nearly everyone, with the drawback being that it doesn't allow you to hear or to speak. Here are the directions for Cheeta Chat.

1.  Download CheetaChat at  http://www.cheetachat.com/ 

2.   If your browser asks you whether to open this file from its current location or save this file to disk, choose "Save this file to disk" Save the program on your hard drive, and remember where you saved it. Typically, saving it on your Desktop is easiest.

3.   After you've saved it, double-click the program ("cchatful.exe") to run it.

4. The installation program will ask you a few questions, and then it will install CheetaChat and create Start menu icons for the program and documentation. You can then run CheetaChat by clicking on the icon on your Desktop

5.  Double click the CheetaChat icon on your desktop, and then click the Add/Change button. Click Logon button. Enter your Yahoo ID in the user box and password in the box that appears. Click Join This connects you to a default Yahoo room. Then click on the Menu bar, Rooms, My Groups, SAJV Fans. And you are in business.

6.  If you are having problems logging into the chat with CheetaChat, try choosing a different server from the drop down list you see at the Logon page.


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