Guest Stars:  Kim Chan, Nigel Bennett, Tom McCamus
Screenplay by Trevor Preston
Edited by Jean-François Bergeron
Directed by Pierre de Lespinois

Location of Aurora:  In the garage?

Prologue: A cloaked tattooed figure is walking furtively down a deserted street at night. A shadow moves down a wall and materializes into a long-haired man. When the man raises his hands skyward, he shows that his palms are similarly tattooed. 

Phileas Fogg is in his London house eating breakfast when a package is delivered. It was sent from Bucharest with no note or sender's name, but he thinks he might be able to recognize the handwriting. Inside is a wooden box containing one black glove with symbols on it. As Phileas leaves the room, the symbols on the glove start to glow. Phileas decides to discuss the symbols with an old friend who works at the British Museum , James O'Neilan. Phileas makes a drawing of the glove and symbols for his friend and is surprised to find that he can remember the symbols perfectly.  James says the symbols are cabala from the late middle ages. He explains that cabalists believe that God became present in the some symbols and that these symbols contained all knowledge, past, present, future. Phileas promises to bring the glove to James the next morning for his friend to examine.

Rebecca is waiting at Phileas' house, at her cousin's request, to discuss the glove, which Passepartout shows her. Passepartout remembers that he has seen symbols like these before while he was a sergeant fireman in Paris. One time he rescued a very old man from a burning house and found the man desperately holding this book with these symbols, as though the book meant more than life itself. 

Meanwhile in Paris, Jules heads home from a night out with friends when he is grabbed from behind. His assailant asks if he's the Jules Verne who is a  friend of Phileas Fogg's. When Verne nods yes, the man says that it is very important that he talk with Verne. Jules leads him to his lodgings where the man reveals himself to be tattooed from head to toe with cabalistic symbols. 

Back in London, Phileas is woken at night by the sounds of an intruder in his house. He grabs a gun and goes down to the den, where someone has been rummaging through his belongings. The intruder knocks down Phileas and brushes past Passepartout. Phileas is certain that the intruder was looking for the glove which he had hidden. 

Meanwhile, Jules learns that his visitor and Phileas were brought up together in the same village, until this man moved to India with his family. The tattooed man explains that Fogg is in danger and that he needs to be warned. He asks for something of Phileas' and Verne produces the pocket watch Phileas loaned him. The man goes into a trance and ia able to connect psychically with Phileas. He explains that he sent the glove because Phileas was the only one he could trust. Initially it was because he was afraid that someone would take the glove from him. Now he realizes that its dark influence cannot be allowed to spread and that the glove should be destroyed. Shortly thereafter, he leaves Jules and disappears into the streets, only to be intercepted by the shadow man who kills him after extracting from his mind the identity of the man who has the glove.

After the psychic link, Phileas knows that his old friend Jacomb Hyde sent him the glove.  Passepartout urges him to destroy the glove, to burn it. Suddenly Phileas senses that his friend is dead and sheds a tear for him. The next morning, he keeps his appointment with James, whom he suspects of being involved in the robbery attempt since he was the only one outside of Phileas' house to know of the glove. He tells James that Jacomb Hyde was the sender of the glove. James admits that he has heard of him, that the last persons who spoke of Jacomb Hyde said that he was almost a ghost, having barely any substance.

Meanwhile, Jules begins his journey to London on a train, where he spots a shadowy man with long hair who seems to be watching him.

After Phileas leaves the museum, James goes to meet with an elderly Chinese gentleman named Zai Chao. James asks why Zai Chao tired to steal the glove last night when James had promised to bring him the glove this morning. Zai Chao issues some threats and demands that James find the hidden glove. Then Zai Chao asks if Phileas is an extraordinary man of intellect and passion and who values people above things, which James confirms before being dismissed.

There is a Chinese street festival going on and Rebecca Fogg is watching when she is approached by a young Chinese woman who gives her a blue rose. The rose thorn pricks her and she passes out. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself lying on a bed in a Chinese house. Zai Chao enters and has tea brought for them. She asks why she has been abducted. He says that Phileas has something he wants, the black glove of Melchizedek, and now he has something that Fogg treasures. Rebecca tries to escape by throwing tea on her captor but is stopped by the young woman who gave her the rose. Later Rebecca is lying on the bed drugged as the young woman cuts off a lock of her hair.

Back at the museum, James is "attacked" by an apparition of a fire breathing dragon and collapses.

Jules has arrived at Phileas' house and is discussing how Jacomb Hyde performed the psychic connection. He shows him the watch and Phileas sees that the watch is now running backwards. They are interrupted by Passepartout bringing Phileas a hand-delivered letter that announces that Rebecca has been abducted and will be exchanged for the glove. Then the shadow man arrives at the door and pushes his way in to see Phileas. He demands the glove and says his name is Vargas. Vargas explains that this is the glove of Melchizedek, a high priest, magi and necromancer. When Phileas accuses him of murdering his old friend, Vargas turns his powers on Passepartout. He threatens to harm the valet, while he reads his mind about the hiding place for the glove. Passepartout reveals that the glove was put inside a special hollow book and Vargas tells Phileas to get the book. Phileas does so, but when he opens the book, he pulls out a gun and fires at the intruder. When he fires, Vargas turns into a shadow, then pulls Phileas into this shadowy world with him. Phileas keeps firing at the mirrored reflections he sees in this shadow world, finally hitting the man who had forgotten he was mortal. Once released from this shadowy world, Phileas and his friends make plans to take the glove to Zai Chao.

Zai Chao tells Rebecca that everything is arranged for the exchange. Phileas arrives at a warehouse and is searched by two thugs who speak to him in Chinese, which he understands. He meets the young woman who tried to rob his house. Then Zai Chao enters on a sedan chair. Phileas demands to see Rebecca before he turns over the glove. Jules and Passepartout are hiding in an upper balcony behind boxes which they discover are filled with firecrackers. Below them Rebecca enters with her guard. After some silent cousin communication, Rebecca and Phileas simultaneously start to fight their captures. Passepartout jumps down and joins the fray. Jules hurls firecrackers from the balcony.  Zai Chao manages to pick up the glove at one point and turns it on Phileas. Just before he can harm Phileas, Rebecca shoots the Chinaman. He is lifted up in lightening bolts, then explodes into a pile of dust that falls to the floor. The four heroes regroup and head home, not seeing the strange shadow that is following them. 

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