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Self-storing Vaughn and Sydney

We'll probably need to you switch a Rambaldi page

I'm eating dinner at the Sloane's tonight and I can bring a guest

Wondering what it would be like to be a guest for dinner

Hello? Yeah, sure I'll go to dinner with you, Syd.

Will gets a lift

Will breaks up with his squeeze, who drove clear across town with a broken radio to rescue him

Will learns that you break up AFTER you get home, if you need a ride

Syd and Francie have warm fuzzy moment

Before dinner, self-storing Sydney

meets Vaughn and Dad

Sydney gets a safe-breaking-into gizmo and instructions

But I need backup if I'm stealing the Rambaldi pages, and I'm bringing Will to dinner

I''m your backup tonight

Wishing he could be backup, too

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