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Lovely stock picture of nighttime Montreal

Sloane hugs his Alliance friend

Sloane plugs his Alliance friend

Alliance of 12 meets in London HQ - happy for their flat monitors
that don't break the glass table, so that they can have their atmospheric up-lighting

Poole votes for Khasinau and smirks

Sloane realizes that he has been duped

I'll get you for that one, Jimmy

Waiting Khasinau gives Poole a ride

Self-storing Sydney and Vaughn

That was great fun


Sydney meets her friends at the club

X-Files people are at the club

Oops, she knows she's in deep doo dah

Falling deeper in the doo dah, Sydney is handcuffed in a van

You are the one who will destroy everything

Feeling rather depressed and a bit guilty

Feeling very hurt

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