Part 1
CD = Chris Demetral      FH = Francesca Hunt
MP = Michael Praed      JW = Jonathan Walker

This chat transcript is in three parts

How is SAJV doing in syndication?
CD:  It looks like weíre going to have a cult following.  There are not that many ads on TV but Iím really excited by the fact that every single week [SAJV] seems to be winning its timeslot or the ratings are increasing week after week.

magnoire124 : Is there another one like you at home? Older brother?
  I'm an only child.

aurora80904 : have you ever read any of Jules Verne's books?
  I started to read Jules Verne to get a little background on the man and his ideas. So I read  the English translation. These are versions of his works altered for a younger audience. I didnít feel like I was reading Julesí real work and I kind of felt like I was doing him a disservice.

victorianvalkyries : Oh - Chris, I had meant to ask sooner -- I just finished reading 20,000 Leagues .... Is Laura Nemo an original character, then, 'cause I didn't 'spot' her in the book ... or is there another book with her?
  Laura Nemo is definitely a made up character. So is Rebecca and Count Gregory for that matter.

"Rocket to the Moon" questions and Julesí escape from the cannon
: Did they really use oil?
CD:  Yes, they used real grease. It was greasy up there with all the oil pouring down on me
: how high were you on the cannon
CD:  30 feet up
: Chris , did they really make you slide your own hands out of those manacles?
CD: Yes, I really did have to slide my hands out of the manacles which were made out of steel, not rubber. Heavier going.
: Chris-are you afraid of heights?
CD: No I donít have a fear of heights
: I love the scene with Natasha and Jules talking about her novel.
CD: I like the scene with Natasha too, and I really think he liked Natashaís novel. He liked the passion in it.
Question about whether or not Jules knew he might be launching the Count into space
CD: Jules is a peaceful person, yet he has no problems launching the count to almost certain death. I did talk to the director about it and it was her interpretation that Jules thought that the satellite would come back down to earth but it would probably be a violent landing.

Question about the script writing Chris is doing
CD: Iíve been writing the same script since I was 16 years old
: Chris, How can you work on one project that long?
CD: The reason it is taking so long is that as you grow, evolve, and learn more things in life, your characters change. Your characters mature. Iíve learned more about life now and a 16 year old doesnít know that much about life.

Did you enjoy playing the part of Jules Verne?
CD: I love the character of Jules. Would be my pleasure to do it for many more seasons

Francesca Hunt arrives at the chat
FH: Fantastic, there really are a lot of people

mofein : Ms. Hunt -- what was it like to work with Derek Jacobi (one of my all time favorites)?
FH: Jacobi was great

aurora80904 : do you really do the stunts?
FH: Yes, I really did most of the stunts, but there was a rather brilliant stunt woman who they let do the tricky stunts that they could not get me insured for.

magnoire124 : Yeah, how do you wear the suit with all the tool belts and still look svelte? Secrets?
FH: The woman who did the costumes was superb, that wasnít all me.

treehugger20170 : Ms. Hunt, Garvin Scott mentioned in one of his interviews that the sexual tension on the set of the Aurora was "so thick you could cut it with a knife".  Was this just a normal male reaction to working with one of the most beautiful women in the world, or did you and your cohorts conspire to make the show more....interesting?
FH: Treehugger, you major flatterer. It was just all of us working to make the show work,  I think.

jdoggett20002001 : what is your favorite episode, Francesca?
FH: I donít know what my favorite episode is. I quite like all of them. Was that a very boring thing to say?
: Favorite scene?
FH: Favorite scene would have to be one of the fights. Iím not sure which. Possibly the sword fight on the Aurora with Passepartout. I liked that one a lot.

davros72 : But you say it so lovely, Francesca (may I call you Francesca?)
You may call me Francesca by all means, just donít call me Frannie.
I donít know who would make the Frannie suggestion like that. That wouldnít be me.  <Chris speaking now with tongue in cheek>

nicole61083 : Chris, have you ever thought of doing a "dream on" reunion?
CD: Absolutely Nicole. Would be a lot of fun.

gerty_mac : Francesca, Did you do a  lot of stage combat before SAJV?
Yes, Iíve done a lot of stage combat before SAJV. I actually met my husband over a sword.
seriousjane2001 : FH - did you win?
I did win, but it was only because the director allowed me to

mofein : Francesca -- I love the moment in "Eyes of Lazarus" when Lazarus takes over and realizes "he" is wearing a corset -- brilliant!
Actually I like Lazarus as well. It was a good episode. It had a lot of chance for all of us to do more than the usual character stuff
I think Eyes of Lazarus is an excellent example of how Francesca is the finest actor on the show.
Thank you

Would you like to do a second season of the show?
FH: Am I ever hoping for a second series of Jules Verne!

FH: I donít know if this is the right time or the right place for saying it. But I just wanted to say something to you, and I gather that most of you are Americans, about the 11th of September. I am very sorry and I am hoping you are getting through it as well as you can.
many many thank youís from the chatters at this point
: And let me say...Tony Blair rocks!
ekeles_loke : Is Blair always that hawkish?
FH:  Blair usually isnít that hawkish actually. It took me by surprise that we lept into war that quickly. But he seems to be doing quite well

Davodd : Chris TURNS 25 on the 14th - but he still looks 18.
CD:  David, you flatterer

melodyfla : Francesca, what are your current projects?
FH:  My current commitment is being stuck in a dubbing studio doing a very long voice-over contract. But there is something Iím working on for after Christmas which I hope will come out, but Iím not going to say anything about it yet.
  Itís a show called ďFrannieĒ
  JUST TEASING!!!!  I'm sorry.  I HAD to do that one.
 Steady. Just cause you are on the other side of the ocean. How is Jana? Is Jana there with you?
Jana Demetral:  Hey Francesca, we miss you.
FH:  Hi

empressuniverse : Chris, are you still seeing ďHedwigĒ regularly?
wingette72 : Was it worth going to the theatre to see, or should we wait for DVD.
CD:  Worth it in the theatre, but it left LA on Thursday. DVD comes out on Dec. 11

Have you see the movie "From Hell"?
CD:  We saw From Hell last night and it was actually pretty interesting.
danaanm : Depp stole his sideburns from SAJV
CD:  Jack the ripper on SAJV would be cool. or elephant man
miss_yuriko : but Jack didn't come around until 1888
CD:  Jules would be in his thirties, if we were being extremely accurate
aurora80904 : why not go back in time like in the Cardinals Revenge

geneticlemon : From Hell -- Did it use the theory that the British judges actually murdered the girls or did they use a specific person?
CD:  Can't tell Genetic lemon, would spoil it for everyone

mofein : Don't you think Jules would be interested in meeting Sarah Bernhardt? And wouldn't the fur fly with Rebecca?
FH:  Sara Bernhardtís a great idea.  

Question about the outtakes for SAJV
FH:  Every outtake I really liked seemed to involve Passepartout making us die with laughter. Weíd end up on the floor most of the time. Endless outtakes there are of all of us silent and shaking with laughter. He was very funny
Is there a blooper reel?
FH:  I donít have the outtakes and they didnít keep them. I was waiting at the cast party for the outtakes, which is what always happens. And they didnít have any.

Do you do accents, Francesca?
CD:  She does a cool American one.
Jackie : Most actors try to do Midwestern American accents
FH:  Now thatís why I donít do an American accent. Cause thatís what the British do, they do an ďAmericanĒ accent, as opposed to one from  New York or the south or the west coast.
CD:  Francesca is just being modest. She actually does a great one.
moonhart61 : pooh pooh to modesty
FH:  <in American accent> OK, pooh pooh to modesty.
moonhart61 : I JUST WROTE A LINE FOR MS. HUNT!!!!!!
  Thatís the American accent.
dani_girl36 : Bravo!
daurmith : Hey! That was great!

  Yeah, but you wouldnít tell me if it was crap, would you?
empressuniverse : no, not really
wingette72 : Sure we would
vvsavagevv : this crowd would... hehe
CD:  I would
  Yes, dear, you would. Chris, darling, do do your British for us.
Jana Demetral:  Thatís the way to get him, Francesca
  <in British accent> Hello there, darlings, awfully nice to see you.
mofein : It's got a nice beat -- I'll give it an 8.
Comment about
British accents done by Americans
FH:  Gwynneth  Paltrow just kicks butt with her accent. Itís fantastic.

davros72 : Francesca, if you're accepting requests, I'd just DIE if I heard you say my name... (it's Kevin)...
  Presumably Kevin you donít mean die in the Shakespearean sense.
: Have you seen the Rebeccadoration website, Francesca?
FH:  Yes, Iíve seen the Rebeccadoration website and I like it a lot.

Question about who is typing for Chris
  I'm lucky I have Jana as my typist and she is very very good at it.

lonalea : what do you think of internet chatting, Francesca?
  I think that Internet chatting is rather good. This is my first one and itís surprising me.

jdoggett20002001 : what was it like to work with Patrick Duffy?
  Duffy was enchanting and an absolute dream to work with  
lagniappetite : Speaking of Duffy.  Ms. Hunt, what is your take on Rebecca's feelings for the count.  Does she really love him, or is it vampire influence over her emotions.  This is an ongoing discussion.....

  I think she really loves him.

jackie : Francesca, what is your take on the Rebecca/Phileas relationship?  Is it love or what?
  I think you can love more than one person at a time, regarding Phileas. 
  The thing is that,  the poor Victorians, who didnít get to indulge their love much,  got to love lots of people since it didnít involve sleeping with them.
: Francesca, what is your "take" on the relationship between Rebecca and Phileas?

  I think the relationship between Rebecca and Phileas, neither of them knows what is going on. There is just something extraordinary there.
: I think the Phileas/Rebecca thing is more of a fraternal love.

  Itís definitely not fraternal. 
  Nothing like any brother of mine has ever got.  

faeling2marion : I think Jules and Rebecca should get together
  Jules and Rebecca can never get together.  Thatís part of the fun.  

 magnoire124 : Francesca, do you have a pet?
  Yeah, Iíve got a dog. A fantastic dog.
  She was mad because she couldn't bring her dog to the set like me.
  Yeah, it was true, I was really jealous of you.
dani_girl36 : What kind of dog Francesca?
  Oh, itís the most beautiful and affectionate and large and slobbering dog.
jackie : what breed of dog you have?
FH:   I don't have a particular breed of dog. It's just a large dog.  

Francesca, was all that hair yours in SAJV, or did you wear a hairpiece?
FH:  A hairpiece
lonalea : are you red headed or blonde?  I have seen pictures both ways.
  Well, it seems Iím red or blonde depending on which week it is. It's a blond week.
miss_yuriko : At least you didn't have to get a perm. Ew.
CD:  Stinky evil perm

miss_yuriko : You looked GREAT in that red dress for "Cardinal's"
andigoth2000 : I liked the purple dress in Inquisitor.

  Yeah the dresses were great but the fighting suit was the best
dani_girl36 : The catsuit rocked!
thelmposter : I liked everything but the...bonnet.
scifispice80 : oh, bad bonnet!
FH:  Oh well done about the bonnet, I hated the bloody bonnet

Question about how the wings appeared suddenly on Rebeccaís catsuit in ďRocketsí Red GlareĒ
FH:  Yes, the wings were hard to justify. I think they just thought they looked good
danaanm : Bat Girl
mofein : Willing suspension of disbelief...

Is Rebecca Fogg based on the character of  Mrs. Peel from the Avengers?
  Oh,  I think the Mrs. Peel thing is where she came from in the writerís minds. But she was Victorian and she came before Mrs. Peel.  
Is it possible that Rebecca is an ancestress of Mrs. Peel?
  Ancestress sounds rather naughty

Your CV says that you sing. Do you and would you sing?
  Yes, but not on computers

What do you think of a musical episode of SAJV, like they did for Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
FH:  Yes, I think singing would be a nice idea.

Isnít there a castle named Chatsworth in England?
  Yes, itís not a castle, but itís a stately home called Chatsworth here.

jdoggett20002001 : Do you have children Francesca?
FH:   No, I don't have any children

lonalea : how old is Rebecca supposed to be in the show, Francesca?
FH:   I don't know how old Rebecca is supposed to be. Probably 30-ish

Audio problem for Francesca - a lot of breaking up in the transmission. Comment that she sounded like a rapper
FH:   Sounds like Iím what?  
  I like Francesca's  rapping. The way your audio came across sounds like an audio skip - it was very cool, though
dani_girl36 : Def Master Francesca

gingerjc78 : Francesca, how did you like living in Montreal during the shoot?
   I adored Montreal. I thought it was a really cool city.

 cindy_s_roberts : My fav ep. was The Victorian Candidate.  Was that a LOT of fun to make that episode, Chris, Francesca?
   Yeah, Victorian Candidate was good.  
CD:  ďDust to DustĒ was my favorite
empressuniverse : Ms. Hunt, we all love the bit in Dust to Dust when Rebecca finds out about Julesí purity
FH:   Yes, it was quite a nice discovery about Julesí purity.  

empressuniverse : Francesca, we've gotten Jonathan Walker's view of the relationship between Clemens and Rebecca. What's your take?
   Well, Sam Clemens had some ideas about Sam Clemens and Rebecca.

How long did it take to shoot a season of SAJV?
FH:   We shot them for a whole year.

mofein : Francesca -- did you ever come up with any back story regarding Rebecca and Erasmus? We're curious about what their relationship might have been compared with her relationship with Phileas.
FH:   I think my back story with Erasmus is too long to discuss on this. I think there was quite a back story though.
mofein : Oh, torment! A hint, please?  
FH:   Well, I think it was much more about the brotherly stuff. I think she came into that family as an outsider, as a young girl with these two rather good-looking older brothers, suddenly. And I imagine it rather caught her imagination.
treehugger20170 : It used to be fashionable to marry your cousin

   Fashionable but terribly wise.
tamaraeus : Ms Hunt was Boniface really Rebeccas uncle or did she just call him Uncle
FH:   Yes, I think he was her uncle. He adopted her so he became her sort of father figure.

FH:   <laughing> Yes, I want to know if heís around, too.
CD:  Is Michel here?  I can't tell if he is or not
   By god, I think weíd know if he was around.

anne_shirley_2002 : Francesca did you speak French?
   Yeah, I do speak French.
  She speaks it quite well, in fact - she frequently had conversations with the crew like that

daurmith : Rebecca is a great character, many of the greatest lines of the show are hers
FH:   Oh, I loved getting a role like that. You very seldom get to read a script where you just grin from ear to ear, reading your part.
Comment about the fact that Rebecca is a strong female character
FH:   Gavin, who wrote the part, actually has a really good attitude towards women.
  You know, Gavin has a daughter named Rebecca as well.

kalena1980 : Francesca and Chris, have you read any of the fanfic written about you?
   Whatís fan fic?
  Fan Fiction. Yes, I have read the fan fic. <singing> Mangos! Mangos!
: Fanfic is where we write Further Adventures based on the episodes, Francesca.

   No, I have to say I havenít read any of that.

danaanm : I have a site devoted to Michael Praed fan fiction, and a chest hair site.  If Chris were more helpful I might do a chest hair site of him too.
   A chest hair site? Hee hee hee hee hee.

tamaraeus : Francesca Have you visited the Scifi Bulletin Board at all?
   Yeah, Iíve visited the Scifi Bulletin Board. Itís good.

zhaansacolyte : Francesca did you get to choreograph your own fight with the spider woman, BTW?
: That was a very good fight scene

   Yeah, I did enjoy the spider woman fight quite a lot, in fact.
jdoggett20002001 : I wouldn't want to fight with you. you use swords
   Yeah, but the nice things about my fights is they rigged it. I just touched somebody and they just flew across the room. It doesnít happen in the school playground, does it?
gilesluver1 : In the school playground these days, they bring guns!
   Yeah, the guns it is too true  

mofein : Francesca -- Rebecca always seems so positive and sure of herself; do you think she ever goes off in a corner and kicks herself for something she's said or done?
   I think Rebecca goes into corners quite a lot, actually. She didnít have a very happy youth after all.  

odensdisir : Francesca, what can you tell us about Rebecca's childhood?
   Well, Rebecca lost her parents fairly early on. Then she was sent away to school, which she hated, one of those English private schools. And then she was sent to live with Phileas and Erasmus and Boniface.
: we tended to write Rebecca as a tomboy.  Do you think she was?
   I think Rebecca just got on with Boniface very well. She was quite a tomboy, I think. And quite strong. And neither of the boys wanted to follow their father initially, I think. And I think she did.
magnoire124 : If they were anything like my big brothers, Rebecca had to keep up with them or else?
   Yeah, I think she had to keep up with those brothers. Absolutely. There was a huge competition between her and Phileas.
andigoth2000 : I thought ERASMUS seemed to be Boniface's favorite.
   Yes, I think Erasmus was Bonifaceís favorite. But he knew his mind a lot more than she did.

foggy_dazeca : From what I have read, Rebecca won't have been sent away to school if she was a girl. Not in 1840-50ish England
   Cheltenham Ladies College was open in the early 1840ís.  

Was Rebecca older than Erasmus?
   No, I think sheís younger than both of them.

dani_girl36 : Thank you-we fanfic writers appreciate the back story.
   Oh dear, sorry about the deluge of fan fic.
: Francesca -- No, no - inspiring fanfic is a GOOD thing! 

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
FH:   Yeah, I have two brothers and a sister. All younger.
   Iím the oldest.
How do they feel about your career?
   Oh, theyíre great about my career. My younger brother, the one just down from me, is a rock singer, so he understands completely.
: Ah, what band?
   Long pigs.
   They had a big US tour about two years ago.
: Zhaan -- think Hannibal the cannibal...
:   Long Pig is Man

   Yeah, very good, it is. Itís cannibal. Exactly.

gerty_mac : Chris, Any new projects in the works?
  Gerty, yeah, actually I'm doing more voice-over. work on the Zeta Project, Iíll let you guys know when it comes out.

odensdisir : Francesca, does Rebecca have any aspirations to a "normal" life (or would she know one if it bit her)?
I don't think there is such a thing as normal, is there?
I don't think a normal life would suit Rebecca much.  She'd get a little bored.  She has too much fun going in and out of normality

Comment on hearing Chris in Wild Thornberrys
: Who were you on Thornberrys, Chris?
  I played a character called Mako. He was a cool wolf character. 
jdoggett20002001 : What are the Wild Thornberrys?
  Itís a cartoon on Nickelodeon
  And I sponsored a wolf, too, in one of those adopt-a-wolf programs. Itís kind of cool.
celticchild61 : Chris, where is your wolf?
  My wolf is in the mountains of Idaho. His name is Matsi

zhaansacolyte : Francesca, did you complete your UK project you were filming?
   Yes, thanks

gingerjc78 : What happened to the sound?
   You havenít lost the sound, I was just making way for Chris for a while.
  You know, actually, she ought to be the one to talk most today. I talk all the time. I will just bore you.
darius4evr : never!!
   No, donít worry. Iíd love to hear about the wolves.  

Brian (Francescaís husband):   Hey Chris and Jana, this is Brian and I just wanted to say hello from this side of the puddle.
  Hey Brian, itís nice to hear your voice.   
Comment about Brian having a sexy voice
   Doesnít he just?  

odensdisir : Does Rebecca have any vague thoughts about . . . children?
   Rebecca does not have any vague thoughts about children.
davros72 : Ah, so she has *specific* thoughts about children...
   Specific thoughts that probably shouldnít be broadcast.
gerty_mac : I think it would be interesting to see Rebecca assigned to protect a baby, child of an ambassador or something. Hee hee...
   That would be a good story line, I think, Rebecca left holding the baby.
  Jules would take the baby down a dark alley. .

melodyfla : Francesca, did you work on a movie this year?
   It hasnít come out yet.
: What's it called?

   Biographer, and itís about the Lady Diana scandal, and that fellow called Andrew Morton who wrote her biography.
davros72 : Francesca, is that the film with Paul McGann in it?
   Yes, the one with Paul McGann.  
: Francesca, it is a TV movie or at the theatres?

   I think itís a theatre movie.  

victorianvalkyries :  Francesca - Any requests for costuming adjustments for Season 2, or would you hold on to the authenticity despite discomforts?
   No requests for the costuming. They can keep it exactly as it was.
: So the costumes were all right to wear?

   They were agony, but they were superb.

cindy_s_roberts : How soon before we know if there WILL be a second season?
   We have to wait for the figures from the syndicated viewing and then weíll know if itís worth their while doing the second series.
treehugger20170 : The ratings have been good
   You have any figures on these ratings, then?
: davodd has.  It wins its time slot most of the time.
   You fans have been superb, considering the amount of time it is taking to get this second series. The fans have been fabulous.
: We are a dedicated bunch.  A committed bunch.  Or maybe we should be committed.

jdoggett20002001 : can I say something before I go Francesca?
   Yes, of course you can, what?
jdoggett20002001 : I think you make the best Rebecca and you are my favorite character and no one else could have done better
   Jdoggett, youíre a sweetheart.

gingerjc78 : Francesca,  was your hubby able to live in Montreal while you were there, or did you have to fly home for visits?
   He flew out to me, Ginger. He flew out every second weekend, and it began killing him because he was trying to work during the week in London as well.

faeling2marion : Chris, would you still film  JV in Canada or do you have another place you would like to do it?
CD: All the sets are still in Montreal. Montreal was great. No other reason to go anyplace else but I did miss LA.

: Chris isn't the weather in Montreal [brutal] after LA?
Yes, Loralee, to put it lightly. Rory had to wear snow boots
: Chris, Want me to send you a sled so you can enjoy the weather more while filming season two?

That would be fun, but only if you came to sled with us

victorianvalkyries : Oh, Chris - in reading 20,000 Leagues, did you catch the references to the name Arago?
Grace, no, but I did know that they were friends in RL

dani_girl36 : Francesca-would you tell us what your inspiration was to pursue acting?
   It took me a long time to work out that I did want to be an actor, in fact.
moonhart61 : Ms. Hunt what was the competition?
   What was the competition? Well, I thought I might want to be a politician. Or a lawyer.
  Lawyers have to do a lot of acting too
   Yes, they do all act.
mofein : Francesca -- are you planning to follow in Glenda Jackson's footsteps?

   No, Iím quite happy being a     .    not go into politics now.

indianajane8585 : This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering if you use stage names or your real names
   Indiana Jane, thatís my real name.
  Yes, thatís my real name. But my agent told me I would never work with a name like Demetral
: Hey, if David Duchovny can get away with it...

lonalea : Francesca, did you figure out how to chat by yourself or is someone helping you?
   I didnít figure this out for myself. Brian is helping me.  

Continued in Part 2

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