Part 3
CD = Chris Demetral      FH = Francesca Hunt
MP = Michael Praed      JW = Jonathan Walker

Continued from Part 2

mer_idien_wheel: Michael, how's the family these days?
MP:  The family's fine, thank you very much indeed for asking.

Chris returns having rebooted and everyone greets him again and says how much better he sounds.
Viccivaw: Welcome back, Chris.

CD: The good news is the sound is better, the bad news is that Jana and I have to take off. We have an early dinner we have to get ready for, plus Jana has to stop by her school and get some things ready for Monday

MP: Chris, It's great talking to you and the sound is better.  It's a 100% better, in fact!

CD: Michael, as always itís a pleasure. To everyone, we love you and miss you, and it was great talking to you.  Have a good one.

Chris and Jana leave.

Empressuniverse: Did Phileas change or grow during the season? Seems to me that Jules did thru his relationships with the others, but none of the other characters did. Or is it just me?)
MP: I did see your question about the character growth EmpressUniverse and I'm still fashioning an answer for it, but I don't have one right now.  I'll try to think of one and get back to you.

Ephialv: Michael, what is your take on the Phileas and Rebecca relationship?
MP:  What is my take on the Phileas/Rebecca relationship?  Clearly they love each other.  It is one of those true and exquisite bonds that exists, sometimes, between people and it's founded on nothing but love, and they care inordinately for each other and would do anything for each other.

thelmposter : Is there a particular episode that you absolutely despised filming?  Or at least one that you didn't enjoy as much as the others?
MP:  Yes, TheImposter, I didn't particularly enjoy the episode, forgive me I can't remember what it's called, but it's the one where Francesca and I are stuck in a prison for the entire episode.  Only because it was hot because of all the lights and everything else and claustrophobic to say the least.

darius4evr : Michael, during the last chat several questions were asked about your demo tape "For My Friends", but none were ever answered. Was that intentional? Would you prefer not to talk about it for some reason?
MP:  No Darius it wasn't my intention not to talk about that demo tape. And no I wouldn't prefer not to talk about it for any reason at all. It was a tape I did some years ago.  And, um Iím not trying to sound bitter, umÖ What would you like to know about it, if anything?
Question regarding the tape of Michaelís music available from his fan club.
MP:  MelodyFla, this is a tape I recorded about ten years ago, when I was doing a sort of Beatles kind of thing in my recording studio.  And that's the tape FOR MY FRIENDS for (?) uh, a copy of the all the stuff that I did then.

Michael has to reboot.

MP:  I'm sorry about that, I got -- whatever the term is.  Crashed.
Empressuniverse: bounced
MP: Bounced.  There you go.  Bounced.  Who bounced me?  Swines!  Can I bounce them back? 
MP:  It took me a while to get back in because then my computer crashed and then I had to resign on and do all my password stuff and then Norton, the uhm what do you call it, the Norton utilities thing wouldn't allow me talk to you.   But, I'm back now and I hope I'm not gonna get crashed, bounced, bumped off, thwarted, again!  Hello, everyone.

thelmposter : Michael, is there any particular place you'd like the SAJV heroes to travel to in season 2?
MP:  Well, theImposter I'd like all the SAJV heroes to travel to Montreal to do a second season.  I couldn't care less where we go, as long as we do another one.  'Cause I know we're all gagging to do one, seriously.

gaelle17fox : Can we be extras???
MP:  Of course you can all be extras, Gaelle17 fox!  Minions is good, as well.

daurmith : Can I carry the water or something?

MP: Daurmith, you can do anything you'd like.

gingerjc78 : Hi Michael, I'm sorry if you've already answered me, but I got bounced immediately after asking....did you get the video my husband (Peter) took of us at the SAJV set, and if so did you watch it? (Jackie) (refers to her earlier question: gingerjc78 : By the way Michael, I sent you a copy of the video my husband (Peter) when we toured the set.  Did you get it and have you watched it? (Jackie )
MP:  Ginger, yes, I did get the video Peter took on the set.  And I did watch it, and I loved it.  And please keep it, because I tell you it's the only video I've got, or you've got, or anyone's got of any of us on the SECRET ADVENTURES OF JULES VERNE and it's a good memento-that is until we do the second season.

gerty_mac : Michael, Any desire to go back to musical theatre?
MP:  Yes, Gerty, I'd love to do that -- I'd love to go back to musical theater. I really would.  It's one of the great loves of my life, apart from myself, of course.  Yes, I would, seriously, though.

danaan : Michael have you seen the new and improved Chest Hair site?(LOL)
MP:  Now, I haven't seen the new and improved chest hair site, although God knows how one could improve upon perfection.


MP:  OK, I'm writing this down right now.  I am, too.

gilesluver1 : Michael, how would you feel about doing a scene in a Rebecca-esque catsuit?
MP:  Yes, well, I'd love to get into the Rebecca-esque cat suit, and, uh, next season -- when we do it -- if they don't fashion me one straight away, I'm gonna quit.  And I think I'd look quite good in that green, clingy thing.  What do you think?

 gingerjc78 : Michael, Atsuko dropped by earlier, but she had to leave.  She sends her love.
MP:  Thank you, Ginger, if you speak to Atsuko, would you please send her my best love?  She is a sweetheart.

gerty_mac : Michael, was it a huge disappointment when THE THREE MUSKATEERS closed so quickly on Broadway (you can tell I'm a big music lover)
MP:  Gerty, it was a huge disappointment when the Three Musketeers closed so quickly.  In fact it's difficult to articulate just how much of a disappointment it was, um, but it was vastÖVast, vast, vast.  

wingette72: What time is it where Michael is?
MP: The time where Michael is is 18 past 12 AM
cindy_s_Roberts: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

moonhart61: Can you sing do you really want to hurt me? by Culture Club
MP:  Hey Moonhart, yes, I can sing DO YOU REALLY WANNA HURT ME but, you know what, I need backing!  Iím not gonna sing it a cappella down the internet for you.  I mean I'd love to if it was mano a mano, as it were, I'd be delighted, but far too many people are listening.  I know you understand that.

Darius asks about building a website in honor of Michaelís music
MP:  No darius, I have no problem with you building a website for my music. What, are you kidding me?

 Melodyfla: Michael, did you see my question about transfering your tape to CD for sale via Kate?
MP: Hey Melody, go for it, I have no problem with that.

moonhart61: I mean, really Michael where the heck were you when I had my prom in '70? We could have danced to the BeeGees!
I love the Bee Gees.

MP: Didn't get your question, Ginger
: I asked if you were working on any new projects at the moment?  Plays, film, TV???
MP:  Nothing in the moment, Ginger, but hopefully something very soon.
vvsavagevv : hopefully a second season of SAJV 
MP: Amen to that.

dani_girl36 : Michael, it sounds like you're a musician as well as a fine actor.  What instrument(s) do you play?
MP:  Hey Dani, I play a lot of things, lot of instruments with alarming mediocrity, which is absolutely true, but my main instrument is uhhhh (pause) keyboards

gaelle17fox : Michael: a SAJV question, if you please: did you like or dislike the Victorian era outfits that you had to wear?  We already heard from Francesca on the subject.
MP: Hey, Gaelle, I loved, loved! the outfits we had to wear. I thought they were masterpiece of creation, seriously.

thelmposter : I think Phileas was happy when he first met the spider lady.
MP: Yes, TheImposter, Phileas was happy when he first met the spider lady.

melodyfla : Michael, any word on Nine Dead Gay Guys?
MP:  No word on 9 Dead Gay Guys, Melody, um, and I have no idea when it's gonna come out. 
darius4evr : is it more than a cameo appearance in 9 dead gay guys?
MP:  Yes, darius, that is just a cameo appearance in 9 DEAD GAY GUYS

gilesluver1 : Michael, do you let your children set off fireworks for Guy Fawkes Night?
MP:  No, I don't let my children set off fireworks because I love fireworks and I'm too, what's the word, selfish, and half the fun is setting off the damn things, besides the fact you can blow your hand off, if you're not too careful.  No, I don't let them do that.
miss_yuriko : How old are your kids?
MP:  miss_yuriko, my children are 7 and 5.

Jonathan Walker arrives  

Michael gets bounced out of the chat

JW: So were you lucky enough to have Francesca with you, how was that?
evenstarr7evl: She took to this chat thing like a fish to water.

evenstarr7evl: Jonathan, what have you been up to since you last joined us?
JW: Evenstarr, Iíll try to answer your question. Iíve been working. I did a movie called ďPrancer ReturnsĒ which is coming out on the USA network at the end of November. I start an episode of a television show called Tracker next week.  Um, I donít know when that one airs. And I also did a movie of the week called ďHave We Met BeforeĒ and I start on that one the week after next.

gaelle17fox: Jonathan: if your character of Sam Clemens was brought back in Season 2, what would be your ideal plot line?????
JW: Oh, thatís a good question. I like that. If Sam Clemens is brought back in Season 2, what is the ideal plotline? I was actually thinking about that a few months back and I think it would be great if its true to Sam Clemens/Mark Twainís true history. He did end up going on a trip to Europe, to Africa, through the Mediterranean, during which he met his wife. I thought it might be great if there was an episode where they bump into the crew of the Aurora and there is still some sparks between Sam and Rebecca. But of course, now Sam would have a fiancťe on the scene as well.  Might make some interesting developments.

Zhaansacolyte: Hey Jon, you gonna write the script for them? <eg>
JW: As far as writing the scripts, I would love to write some scripts. Some of you know that I do have a background in screen writing. Iíve done a few Outer Limits episodes, as well as some stuff for other shows as well, and a couple of movies. SO I would like to write one of the episodes. But itís a difficult thing to do if youíre not sure if the show is coming back at this point. My literary agent has told Promark in the event the show does come back that Iím very interested in being considered to write one. So maybe.

Zhaansacolyte: Jonathan, do you know the name of the TRACKER ep where you're a guestie?
JW: No idea what the episode title is for Tracker yet.  I havenít even received the finished script yet.  I should get that tomorrow, so I should post it on the Board. I also have no idea when it airs. I would imagine it would probably be next year.

Michael returns

MP: I got bounced again by the swine. It shouldnít be Yahoo, it should be Boohoo.
treehugger20170: We need a bigger server
MP: Yes, we all need a bigger server, Treehugger, but what are we gonna do?

Zhaansacolyte: Jonathan we were having a bit of fun with Southern accents before you came, can you do your Sam Clemens one, perhaps?
JW: I donít think I could do Sam Clemens accent just off the cuff.  I had to work on that one for quite a while to get it right.

Zhaansacolyte: How's the funding going for your documentary, Jonathan?
JW: The documentary is on hold right now, while Iím busy with other things.  But, weíll be back in England probably in February or March

MP: Anyway, guys, I have to visit my bed.. or introduce my aching bones to the sheets.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope we can do this again reaaaaall soon!  Lots of love... It was real fun and I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I enjoyed it, because I really enjoyed it a lot. keep your fingers and anything else crossed for another season.  God bless.

 Michael leaves the chat

Viccivaw: Jonathan, self-indulgent question:  did you get the SAJV CD I sent?
JW: Yes, I did get the promotional CD and thank you very much for sending it to me. I thought it was absolutely wonderfully done.  A lot of hard work and a lot of love went into it, clearly, and thank you for sending it to me. And also for those book marks. It was a lovely surprise. Thank you for those as well.

davros72: Jonathan, are you in some big computer warehouse somewhere?  sounds like a factory behind you 
JW: <laughing> No, Iím not in a computer warehouse. No, just me and my rather noisy computer and my dog on my lap.
seriousjane2001:  What kind of dog?
JW: My dog is called Rosa and I rescued her off the beach in Venezuela.  Sheís no real breed. She looks like a mixture of a whippet and a Doberman, if you can imagine that.

ephialv: Jonathan, did you try to get in earlier?
JW: Yeah, I tried to get in earlier. About 6 oíclock eastern, but I couldnít get in. I couldnít even get the page to load.  So I went away and came back to give it another go and say hello.

seriousjane2001: Jonathan - where is your accent from?
JW: Where is my accent from? Well, itís a bit of a pigís ear. I grew up in England for 12 or 13 years. Then I came to Canada and then Iíve been around, all over the place. Itís a bit of a hodge-podge  - a bit English, a bit Canadian, a bit American. I think sometimes it depends on who Iím with.
seriousjane2001: Where in England?
JW: I grew up in a place called Henley-on-Thames which is about 40 to 45 miles west of London. Thatís where they have the very famous regatta every year.
Zhaansacolyte: Have you participated in the regatta?
JW: No, Iíve never done the regatta. Itís sort of like the world series of rowing. And I get sick when I get in boats, so itís not good for me to get in the regatta.

gaelle17fox: Since you are a screenwriter, Jonathan, I want to ask you this: aside from the Sam Clemens character, in what ways would you develop the SAJV characters if you were given the chance in season 2??
JW: How would I develop the characters in season two if it were up to me, which it is not?  I think I would like to see Passepartout have a story line that very much revolves around him. We donít know a lot about him before he became the valet for Mr. Praed. It would be very nice to see Rebecca have a love story, one that actually happens. It doesnít have to be Sam Clemens, it could be somebody else.  I donít know what to say about Jules and Phileas Iíd have to give that one some thinking.  Thatís a good question and a tough one to answer.

seriousjane2001: Jonathan- if you were to return as some -other- character.  A new one, what would you chose?
JW:  Ah, thatís interesting. If I were to return as another character, what would I choose.  I might be fun for them to run into Sam Clemens again, and to find out that he is the real Sam Clemens and I am just an imposter and a shady character. No good but in a lovable way.  I canít imagine .. same shot as it were under those circumstances.

seriousjane2001: Jonathan- have you read any Jules Verne (obvious question, but I'm going there)
JW: Yeah, Iíve read some Jules Verne. In fact, Iíve read a couple of books before I took the show. I really liked his writing, it was so ahead of its time. Heís really quite remarkable, well worth reading especially

seriousjane2001: Jon - What sports do you play or have you played and which do you watch?
JW: Jane, Iíve really only played one sport and thatís football, or what you call soccer.  I ski, but I donít really watch a lot of sport. An odd soccer match.  And hockey playoffs cause I live in Canada. You live up here and you donít watch hockey, then you get stoned.  They donít like that. You have to watch the national sport.

princessblue142: Jonathan, do you cross country or downhill ski?
JW: I ski, but never cross country. Snowboarding Iím just learning how to do.

Zhaansacolyte: Been to Colorado to ski, Jonathan?
JW: Iíve never been to Colorado to ski. Iíve heard itís very lovely.

seriousjane2001: JW - so who is your soccer team?
JW: My favorite soccer teams are two, actually: Manchester United - Iíve loved them since I was a boy - and England of course.

Zhaansacolyte: Did you play football at home in Henley, Jonathan?
JW: There was a question earlier about playing football in England. Yeah, I played for the local Henley club, for my Boy Scout team.

princessblue142: Jonathan - do you think you might come to Dragon Con or another convention some time in the future?
JW: I think itís unlikely Iíll come to any conventions.  I expressed it on this board before that at times I sort of feel like that character from Galaxy Quest, Guy Smiley or whatever his name is. I only did the one episode of the show, so as much as I love it and as much as I love to come here and chat, to be a fan as well as an actor who talks to you about stuff, Iím really a very small piece of the show so I doubt that I would be invited to a convention.  But if season two happens and I do some more episodes and I get asked, then Iíd go to a convention.

Vvsavagevv: well I'm sure you'd be asked to attend AuroraCon
JW: Now if Aurora Con came up and I got invited to that, Iíd definitely come.
Odensdisir: Jonathan, you may have been a guest star on one episode, but you have been an important part of the gestalt of the fan community as it works for a Second Season.
JW:  Thank-you Oden!

Zhaansacolyte: Jonathan are you also fluent in French?
JW:  (In French, he replied that he speaks French) I want to tell you that Francesca speaks much better French than I do.  I was actually rather embarrassed. I had lived in Montreal for six years in the 80ís and my French should be a lot better than it is.

Daurmith: I'd love to hear Francesca reciting poetry
JW: As far as Francesca reciting poetry, correct me if Iím wrong, but isnít there some promotional web page that sheís reading parts of something? So whoever posted about her reading poetry might want to find the link to that, since there are sound recordings there. Not poetry, but close.

JW:  I think it's a really good show and deserves another season, best wishes, and I promise to come back and chat again down the road

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