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Meanwhile, fiancé Danny, unaware of the schmuckiness of Dad, calls Syd's pater and finds out that

Jack Bristow couldn't care less

which probably has Danny wondering about the family he's marrying into

Later at a nice bank building with a French name

Sydney rides the elevator

to a white room which turns

red, then opens into

A basement! But offices, nonetheless

where she acts all warm and happy

and co-worker Marcus Dixon says she's got a Glow

Syd, the Glow, and Dixon meet with boss in a conference room

Boss Arvin Sloane explains their next assignment - Syd and Dixon need to go to Taipei and survey a building that has something Sloane wants

and techno wiz Marshall has the gadgets for them to do their surveying

and Dixon and Syd and Glow listen

to the tale of a guy named Mueller, some sort of brilliant "alchemist" 
who wrote lots of notebooks in dead languages, one page of which is
in that building in Taipei that Syd and Dixon are being sent to recon

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