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" My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my ..." Oops, wrong story ... "You killed my fiancé, prepare to be threatened"

Sloane's all, but you're the one who blew your own cover, Syd

and just to make yourself more miserable, go see our lie detector guy

which is not a pleasant thought as she heads to ...

the lie detector guy, who asks lots of questions

and Syd gives lots of answers

and finally emerges into the sunlight only to find that her car is
being towed away

So how can things get worse?

Well, one way is to go once upon the current time again and

and tell the evil menacing guy to write down the secret message, and then reverse the letters

Hee hee

Syd says she's got nothin' to lose

and he says, you've got teeth

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