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A bringer of doom from the Alliance of 12 via the planet of Chulak

We're ready to kill your wife

That is not very nice of you

Meanwhile, Will gets an invitation

to a meeting with Jack

Is this a party?

No, you'll do as I say or you are going to be in even worse trouble than you are now

Self-storing Vaughn - with a smile! Will wonders never cease!

Have some live bait ... er ... ampoules

A real Rambaldi and a fake, offering the real one to Khasinau and then switching at the last minute

So Sark will meet us in a picturesque foreign locale and SD-6 will never know
because my dad fixed their satellite phone system to not work

Sloane explaining how they have all the phone data on a Khasinau ampoule deal
because Marshall did a work-around to their sat phone surveillance

Emily in bugged room


HI and I'm proud of you

Boy, this guy is getting more sympathetic

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