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I think that's enough summarization for now

I'll be back for more later, probably in future episodes as we try to make our continuing story accessible to new viewers

Back at SD-6, Sloane outlines the next mission, where they will plant a phone bug
at the estate of one of Mom/Khasinau's cronies who lives in France

Marshall demonstrates the buggable phone cord

Afterwards, self-storing Sydney gets a surprise

Surprise! No Vaughn, just me

In the meantime, in an unidentified lab, Khasinau starts to work

And guess who is in Khasinau's lab

In France

Sydney crashes a party at the Man's cohort's estate

Dixon monitors

Sydney sees the coast is clear

Sydney runs and installs bugged phone line

Sydney gets ready to leave but sees

Henchman in the hazmat suit from Taipei

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