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Sydney follows henchman

Khasinau is ready to work on Vaughn with the Dremel tool
when he hears a noise and goes to check

Hey, Syd?

Wake up!

Here let me give you a shot of adrenaline into your heart

Oh, no, don't do that


(Medical note - records show this is becoming televised treatment of choice as it was also applied here     )

Bet Vaughn's glad they put him in pants and not a hospital gown

Hey, cool, you rescued me

Hey, cool, you're rescued

Awww, nice UST moment

I'm so happy. Vaughn is alive and he'll be fine.

Great, but what about Will?

Oh, guess I shouldn't act so happy to have Vaughn back.
And don't worry, it's only because he handles me....ah...never mind.

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