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Mom gets a visitor

Hey mom, what does Sark want to see?

He wants to see where a Rambaldi music box is hidden that plays notes which are a code for a cold fusion kind of thingy.
And what role did you have in the Thanksgiving play just after I faked my accidental drowning?

I don't remember


Picturesque Dad and Syd meeting

So what was I in the Thanksgiving play?

A turkey

Later at SD-6 Marshall shows Syd the case that will hold his
new invention - the luggage luge

And why do I want a luge?

So you can get away from the rocket exhaust, cause if you don't I'll miss you

Before she goes, Syd drops in on Sloane

and gets Emily's carved seed box

I feel really bad about Emily

Oh, it's not your fault <snerk>

Was that a snerk?

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