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While self-storing, Syd gets a gizmo to piggy back on to an SD-6 gizmo

Uh, we need to talk to Will

You do?

At home, Syd delivers Will his SOP (standard operator patter)

So I get to cloak and dagger it?

Sure, they just want to send you into regressive hypnosis and pick your brain clean of any memory you have of Sark's computer from your vacation trip to Taipei

Hey, you guys, I have a new story line, I have a new restaurant,
and I need Will to be a new dishwasher

First I have to give Syd a kiss for letting me live here

Meanwhile, Sloane is at home having a drink

and a stroll into the supposedly bloomless garden

Sloane experiences floral terror

At the Asian satellite launch site

Sark arrives

Dixon observes

and Sydney spins a tweedy tale

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