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Ooooo ... color, lights, flying birdies, ...

and winged statues holding platters

all float around in Syd's head as she wakes up in a hospital operating room

and checks out her scar, which looks pretty bloody

and starts to pull out plastic tubing from the wound

until there's a heap of bloody tubing on the floor and we're starting to expect that alien
critter to come out of her stomach when

Sydney really wakes up from her nightmare

Syd heads over to the naval hospital to meet the friendly psychiatrist type

My dreams are freaking me out, doc, and I want to remember. How about that surgery that my dad keeps saying is bad? - Large  

Now Sydney, father knows best. Let me show you one of the NSC's success stories for that surgery ...

a guy with a weird head wound, in a straight jacket, in a padded cell


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