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Meawhile. Simon's bud, the guy who ratted out Jack to Simon, gets arrested in
yellow Mexico

In LA, the JTF gets a special visitor ...

Arvin Sloane himself

Wow! Dixon must remember why he hates Sloane
Yippee! He doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny! We can just put aside all those Cadbury egg thoughts - Large  

In the conference room

Marshall says hi to Maybe Good Sloane

Sloane says, yes, I'm good, and there is this MacGuffin I need to get for the Covenant from China, a maser that can zap people, and I want Sydney to go with

Sydney agrees, while expressing hope that she will see Sloane's imminent demise

A Sloane smile - enough to send shivers down the spines of all, whether
they believe in the Easter Bunny or not

Jack takes a moment to ask Vaughn to get himself and Lauren out of their
scheduled Mexico trip to retrieve that guy that can ID Sydney

Pretty please, pretty please, huh, huh? Need time to save Sydney
from possible brain ouchies

Hey, like, my wife is good, man, and, like, if it's not us, someone else'll ID Syd, and like, Lauren's cool, she won't rat on Syd

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