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Now Sydney has agreed to visit Katya

who has some info for Syd

Seems Irina did not put out a hit on Sydney, but was being framed by someone, and
Irina had hidden info on her findings and Syd needs to get the info

OK, Syd's biting

Back at the APO, Sloane wants to know why Marshall sent an unexplained test tube to the lab for analysis

Marshall's excuse was lack of sleep, and finds out from Sloane the lab results show the subject to have massive genetic mutations

Back in France, Vaughn and team get info on the next part of their heist, a book
from the fifteenth century that will help with the coil Vaughn stole last week

So Vaughn is needed to bypass CIA stuff to make the heist easier

There is a little discussion about fathers who walk out on families and who's bad

and Vaughn is thinking

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