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Just as it happened at the start of the episode, Dixon passes out

before he can see anything more than the blurry image

that resolves itself into Vaughn

Back at the rendezvous

Vaughn has come to his senses and realizes his dad is really dead, that they are playing him, and he wants to know who the boss is

After some rough-up, the baddie says it's Sloane

Back at the prison

Syd tells Katya that her mom was innocent, and that she found the bank accounts that paid for the hitman

and she makes Katya promise to never tell Nadia

Back at the APO, Jack gets a visit from

Marshall, who gives Jack a lecture on seeing the doctor because Jack is very sick and this affects people like Sydney

but before Jack can say anything

Sloane interrupts, and asks Jack if there's anything Sloane should know

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