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Mal meets his contact Badger, an old acquaintance from the as-yet unaired pilot
for the series, for a possible cargo hauling job

Badger, an aging Artful Dodger-type, explains that the client is actually someone Mal must meet at the society ball that night

Mal agrees, while also enjoying the unintentionally humorous double-entendres the contact keeps making

The society ball, a hot bed of social arrogance and cargo discussions

Inara and her old friend arrive together looking quite

Mal invites Kaylee and the poofy dress to the ball, earning comments from Kaylee on his tight pants

and the glories of the buffet

Back on Serenity, Book, Simon and Jayne are gambling their time

Simon and the others are gambling for ship's chores

which Shepherd Book wins (meaning he loses) big time

The other loss on board the ship is that of a number of canned goods
who lose their labels from a strangely-motivated River

River disposes

until her activity is discovered

and Jayne makes the most of the canned food diversion to cheat

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