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Dodger Badger arrives at Serenity with the duel news

Simon thinks this means they need to rescue Mal

but Zoe realizes that Dodger Badger is there to prevent any rescue,

a point driven home by Kaylee being driven home by armed guards

Later that night, at Atherton's house/mansion/whatever, Inara slips
this nifty lighting doorknob thingy on to Mal's door to unlock it

I'm rescuing you

I don't want to be rescued, and let me continue to practice my sword play against this unsuspecting stone pillar

Mal explains that he must fight the duel since he never backs down from a fight,

a point which Inara immediately disputes

So Inara helps with a few sword fighting essentials

that essentially leave Mal a little worse for wear

Inara also has a few choice words to say about Mal's inuendos re whoredom

Yeah, yeah

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