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Serenity lands on the planet Ariel

I get to have to have a physical to make sure I'm all healthy
and not carrying exotic STDs, effectively removing me from
the narrative until the final scene of the episode

I want to hire you to help me break into a hospital on Ariel
so I can examine my crazy sister and your payment will
be me telling you where the pricey medications are

Does the hospital need the medication for other peoples crazy sisters?

Nah, they've got plenty.

Simon's 11

Who wants to go down to Ariel to help with the supplies for the heist?

Several crewmembers selflessly volunteer

Kaylee looks for ship parts in a junkyard

While Wash finds a frame

Jayne swipes some uniforms

Mal, Zoe and Jayne have to pretend to be med techs

Kaylee works on fixing the shuttle

Fixed Shuttle

Ah, its so purty!

Ah, they're so purty!

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