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Back at the shuttle

Zoe and Wash congratulate themselves on the heist

Where are the others?

Meanwhile with the Feds...

Thanks for trying to attack that Fed

It wasn't personal and I'm not feeling guilty at all for being the one who secretly turned you two in except that I am and the Feds were jerks who took me into custody for aiding criminals and have I mentioned it wasn't personal?

Simon faces off with the Fed

While being moved to a holding cell, Jayne gets feisty

Hey, I just knocked out the other guard so since you've snapped that one's neck want to get out of here?


Hello, we're the "two by two, hands of blue" people.

So, you spoke to River? Lemme get out my fun little gadget...

The effects of said gadget

Everyone who heard River ramble about Christmas presents and
pieces of copper is killed

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