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Next day, Syd calls Will and tells him all about Charlie and the girl

and Will says he'll check in on Francie for Syd while she's away

and Jenny, Will's assistant, says Will needs to say please when he asks her to do

Later at SD-6, Sydney spots her dad

Hey, Dad, how about dinner next Thursday?

Jack's all, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, OK, but I've got to go now and get my head hooked up by McCulloch for my regular psych exam

At the mission briefing, seems the sun thingee Syd recovered was a synthetic polymer
from the fifteenth century, which will be held back for a future episode, as they turn their
attentions to tracking down the details of a bad terrorist they think will attack a world
trade organization type meeting. First they have to go to Morocco with ...

this attractive purse that Marshall has designed, that hides a parabolic microphone
so they can eavesdrop on the bad guy

In the meantime, Jack's back in his psyche exam, floating down escalators


encouraged by this guy McCulloch

Jack remembers his wife and daughter, only they switch to ...

Sydney holding the baby and saying it's only a matter of time before she finds out the truth

which totally freaks out Jack and sends him running

At a local carwash, it's the self-washing CIA duo

Your mission is to find out everything, I'm not married and I had a fight with my girlfriend


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