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Francie and Charlie try some talk

Charlie's mostly, you've gotta trust me

Francie's, not good enough, and I'm outta here

Meanwhile, Sydney waits for her dad at a restaurant that looks a lot like the one
Francie and Charlie are at, but probably isn't

Jack calls on his cell phone and says he has to work, only he's sitting in a car outside the restaurant

and Sydney gets very very sad

and calls

her handler, Michael Vaughn, newly shorn of girl friend

Syd says it would have been first dinner with her dad since she was a little girl, and she's so sad, and life stinks

Vaughn looks supportive


and then her beeper rings and Sydney throws it in the Pacific

which Vaughn points out to her, along with some nice stuff about thinking she was really a Bozo initially, but she's really cool and she's done so much and she shouldn't let bad stuff get her too depressed and she can count on him

and Sydney stops crying

and grabs his hand


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