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In some unspecified later time at SD-6, Sloane tells Syd and Dixon about what they
learned from their Moroccan tapes

Seems that the meeting they saw was between a terrorist and an arms manufacturer who makes powerful explosives, which they will probably be testing at a world trade meeting in Sao Paolo

and that they are talking about a peace prize winner named Patel as being their unwitting patsy for the test

So Sydney and Dixon head for Sao Paulo

where Sydney goes disco retro

and Dixon is for once out of that van

Patel arrives, takes a drink, and falls down

Syd swipes the glass from prone Patel

and Dixon confirms knock-out drops

So Sydney, on a stolen motorcycle, chases the ambulance that is carrying Patel

Back in LA, it's surprisingly light and Will is busy trying to find out who was sitting
next to Danny on the Singapore flight

Will says he'll get his airport informant a date with Jenny if he tells him the name

Jenny is not happy, but Will's too busy writing down the name Kate Jones

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