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Real Hued Zoe flat-lines and gets the Adrenaline-in-the-Heart treatment

Blue Mal follows suit with the self-administered Adrenaline-in-the-Heart
(Medical note - records show this is becoming televised treatment of choice
as it was also applied here    )

Blue Kaylee has some bad news about Serenity

No go?

No breath either

Simon is not exactly encouraged by this

and discusses the vagaries of fate with a sympathetic Inara,

who will probably charge him for that if they survive

Shepherd Book seeks solace

while River discourses on the true effects on the human body of attaining
the ambient temperature outside of Serenity

Wash reveals little hope for this Real Hued scenario with respect to Serenity's controls

while Mal preaches the advantages of distress signals, no matter how unlikely they are to be picked up


The ever-insightful Jayne tells them to reduce their discourse and conserve oxygen
(OK, he didn't quite say it like that, but that was the meaning)

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