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Kendall invades the self-storing Vaughn and Sydney,
asking that Sydney visit Mom in her cell and pry info out of her

He's a creep and I'm leaving

Wishing he could leave with her

You stay put, Vaughn, and listen to my threats

Meanwhile, in an unidentified LA courtroom

Very formal Will pleads guilty to heroin addiction

while his friends look, and/or not look, on

This time, Syd and Vaughn get to self-store by themselves

Syd, I think Kendall is right - you need to talk to your mom. 

No way! And anyway, I'm going to Rabat to steal Mom's blackmail disc so that the CIA can read all the dirty info.

The Mom Show

See that woman? So what if she murdered your dad?
You should go and make friends with her.

Not happy at the picture

If I go and ask her, you stop asking Sydney to visit her

No way

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