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Speaking of creepy, Sloane tries to offer some paternal words of comfort
after Sydney's "reunion" with her mom

Decidedly uncomfortable Sydney

Bet she washed her hand right after he kissed it

Later, in Dad's Buick

I'm going to see Mom and Sloane kissed my hand

Don't let your mom kiss your hand - she's not to be trusted!

Will's chain gang of community service drug addicts

I got sunburned and I saw you with a mob guy. Don't go to them for your liquor license. I'll help you.

Ah, gee, thanks

Hi I'm Marshall, spelled V-I-C-K-I C-R-A-N-E
Are you visiting your mom? Do you need any gadgets?


Hi, I'm just like you and I knew you wouldn't pull the alarm first

Just tell me what's on the blackmail disc

First stop in the road rally I've designed for you - Helsinki.
Goes well with all those Nokia phones you use.

Visit was a bit rough on Syd - she needs a hug.

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