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Helsinki Blackmail target

You two go first and beat Sloane to the MacGuffin

Hey, you get to go along

Yeah, and no one has to use a Dremel tool on me this week

Lovely wireless wonder of the world, Helsinki

Cool blue bar with disguised Sydney and nicely-turned-out Vaughn

Oops, here comes nicely-turned-out Sloane

Sydney gets ready to lower herself down the outside of the building to get to the fourteenth floor

Sloane gets ready to extort a MacGuffin out of Mom's first blackmail target

Syd, you'd better hurry because Sloane is coming your way

Sydney drops a few floors and cuts out the glass for her surprise entrance

Meanwhile on the rooftop, Sloane extorts

and then uses the elevator for his surprise entrance

Sydney, hurrying is good

Syd hurries

and finds the MacGuffin camera

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