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Back at SD-6, Sloane explains to Jack about 
the weird phone call from Emily's favorite bed and breakfast

Maybe it's a wrong number   Larger    

You go find out, Jack   Larger    

At Syd's house, a little food

Hey, Syd, did the CIA like what I remembered last week?   Larger    

Yeah, sure, you betcha   Larger    

Syd goes for her next mission briefing

I'm being Vaughn this briefing. And you're going to Moscow to retrieve a map that will lead us to your mom's bible

I got this nifty info from this guy dying of an unknown disease, who use to work for your mom

You're not Vaughn and I think I should ask Mom for help

Back at Narcotics Anonymous meeting

Hi, Will, I'm the perky conspiracy chick and I want you to tell me the real story of SD-6

Uh, don't you read the papers?  Larger    

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