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Jack at the shrink's office - interesting body language for a guy usually under control

Hey, Irina/Laura is bad and the CIA ain't doing squat about it

Hey, we've covered this before

Sydney goes visiting

Mom, any tips on recovering the map in Moscow?

Sure, you go this way, then that, then under, then over - 
you get the picture

But what does this picture mean?   Larger    

Hey Syd, we get to self-store a bit before your trip


I'm your ally, and I'd hug you but the CIA won't let me  Larger    

Aaaawwww, I'd cry, but I have to leave  Larger    

Nice pic of Red Square

Russian officer Syd and a metal detector

detecting the secret keys Marshall made that look like medals

Oops, Sark detected Syd too

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