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Back at CIA task force central, Syd and Vaughn have a cozy

Sark's cute, but gosh he's arrogant

I'm not arrogant, but I still can't hug you

 In return for her help, Mom gets her earrings back

Gee, thanks, now I can tell you a little about your family - did you know that you had a grandmother?

Syd guessed that

Here is the decoded map for you to follow

At SD-6, Jack tells Dixon to check out Sloane's bed and breakfast call

Thanks, this means that I get to be in another couple of scenes in this episode

After swifty traveling across town, Jack meets with the others at task force central
and learns that Kendall is sending Syd and Vaughn to Madagascar to retrieve mom's bible

Mom has good info   Larger    

Yea, Jack, her info is good   Larger    

Sydney, you're gullible, and Vaughn, I'm ashamed of you   Larger    

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