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A senate committe is hearing about Irina Derevko

Mom tried to explode us

Afterwards, Syd visits Mom's ex-cell

and gets a little weepy   Large    

and finds the earrings

and finds Dad ready to say encouraging words

Sorry I didn't believe you, Dad

Hmmm. And what is the meaning behind this stoic expression? Will the writers ever tell us? Will Jack ever tell us? Will the TV Guide and the spoiler pages tell us?

Nice picture of Vienna

Nice traffic light in Vienna

Nice assassins assassinating nice guy in nice Mercedes at nice traffic light in Vienna

Back in LA, Sloane explains the traffic situation and what they need to do

We need pictures, lots of pictures, of weapons in a basement in Budapest. Now I'll let my mind wander to questions about my dead wife and Jack will explain the rest.

We need pictures of next gen weapons hidden in a basement in Budapest, and never mind Sloane's wandering mind.

So what is Marshall wondering? And does his mind ever wander?

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