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So, Agent Vaughn, is it true that you talked to the Semtek bomber as everyone has been informed in our daily report?

Vaughn realizes that the doo-dah hits the fan when Jack sees the report

Doo-dah hitting the fan

But wait, Syd arrives in time to prevent Jack and Vaughn conversation

Why don't you go home now, and let us take over the operation?   Large    

No way. I want to capture this guy who trains kids

Hey, Syd, just come to the airport in an hour and you can

As Sydney leaves, Jack glowers at Vaughn

You're a weenie because you're moral, unlike me who framed Irina and am proud of it. Just don't tell Syd.

Tough doo-dah, Jack. Either you 'fess up or I'll tell her myself

House of Sloane

Arvin gets a surprise when he gets out of the shower

and finds a glass of red wine

and all the surveillance cameras turned off by someone in his house

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