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Jack is listening

while Vaughn is pissed

Syd finds the weapons room   Large    

filled with lots of six year olds

putting together lots of guns blindfolded

Back in LA, another CIA psych type explains the kid program

Do you think it's normal to get a dejá vu feeling from watching six-year-olds putting together guns blindfolded?

Tell me about it

Sesame Mean Street

Getting dejá vu that things are going to get nasty again with the Bristows

Meanwhile, Sloane has an interesting talk with Jack

Someone is after me because I killed my wife with stuff that made it look like she had a heart attack because I didn't want her to suffer a relapse, and it had nothing to do with the fact that it secured my promotion to an Alliance chair

Sure, and thanks for all the details

Later, Will and Sydney lunch on a park bench

What were you like in sixth grade?   Large    

Tall, and did you know that my mom is probably going to get the death penalty in a trial shortly?   Large    

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